About Us

This Is Our Village is a brand new local online and mobile news and information service for Thames Ditton residents, businesses and those who work in the village. Bringing together news, features and information This Is Our Village keeps the community up to date with what’s going on locally. This Is Our Village also gives local businesses and associations a means of engaging directly with residents, local employees and people in the surrounding area through www.thisisourvillage.co.uk and This Is Our Village iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

This Is Our Village Aims To:

  • support and publicise local clubs, associations, activities and events
  • promote local and small businesses and services through editorial and advertisements on www.thisisourvillage.co.uk, mobile and iPAD apps
  • provide an online forum for people in the village to share and explore interests, expertise and opinions or campaign on local issues
  • build awareness and help raise funds for local causes. This Is Our Village pledges to donate 10% of any profits raised to causes championed by local residents and selected by www.thisisourvillage.co.uk users
  • be green by operating sustainably to remain carbon neutral
  • actively support the wider community by working with social enterprises to further opportunities and access for all
  • remain apolitical and give fair and balanced exposure to all debate and argument