Andrew Bio


Having left university with a degree in maths, Andrew plumped for chartered accountancy training as a way to see different businesses and industries in action and find a company that “flicked his switches”. That dream dissolved as Andrew realised that every client he worked with gave him something different and enjoyable and in return, gave him the breadth of experience that could be used to benefit all clients too.


On moving from the City of London, Andrew added qualifications in taxation to his accounting expertise, to help him offer more rounded advice and contribute depth of knowledge to clients.


With the arrival of children, Andrew’s sporting activities reduced, but he still enjoys the occasional round of golf, watch the odd game of rugby or cricket and plays chess online to keep “the old grey matter ticking over”.


So, here Andrew is more than 25 years on, still learning and in awe of the diversity in business and businesspeople. We are so lucky to have Andrew in and around Thames Ditton.


Andrew Nicholson – Alexander James