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Barre classes starting in Thames Ditton

Have you heard of Barre? It’s a great form of exercise which you can now join in Thames Ditton and Esher.

This is Our Town spoke to local sports therapist Adele who is running the classes to learn a bit more about it. “Barre is inspired by the ballet dancer Lotte Berk from the 1930’s and combines elements of Pilates, yoga, resistance training and ballet and takes these moves onto the mat as well as the barre.”

So how come we’ve never heard about Barre before? “These classes are fairly new. They seem to have taken off loads recently! It seems that the classes have become so popular as they offer something to lots of different people; from dancers, yoga & Pilates fans, and gym goers, as it combines all the elements of above.” Adele also thinks the low impact element to the classes makes it more appealing.

The Barre class is a great class which is set to fun and upbeat music. Not an exercise pro? That’s no problem; the workout is suitable for everyone and no experience is needed. There are easier versions of each move available for beginners.

We all like to know what the exercise we’re doing achieves. Barre improves your posture flexibility, core strength and stamina without the high impact of a full aerobics class.

Adele says: “It is excellent for toning and lifting areas such as the bum, thighs, arms, legs and also the abs.  The warm-up is a cardio mix of Pilates and ballet in the centre and then moves onto the Barre.  There is also the option of using resistance bands for toning work and then moving to the mat for abs work and stretches. Weights, bands and small balls can be used for equipment.  The class gives you a lean, toned body.”

Sound good? The classes will run on Tuesday mornings at Thames Ditton and Esher Golf Club from 10.45am for an hour after half term, and Wednesday evening from 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall in East Molesey. It costs just £10 a week, or £54 for 6 weeks. If you’re interested, get your place now; places are expected to be taken up fast!


Written by: Olivia Cripps

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