About This Is Our Village

This Is Our Village is a brand new local online and mobile news and information service for Thames Ditton residents and businesses.

This Is Our Village brings together news, features and information keeping the community up to date with what’s going on locally.

This Is Our Village also gives local businesses and associations a means of engaging directly with Thames Ditton residents and people in the surrounding area through and This Is Our Village iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


This Is Our Village Aims To:

  • Support and publicise local clubs, associations, activities and events.
  • Promote local and small businesses and services through editorial and advertisements on , mobile and iPAD apps.
  • Provide an online forum for people in the village to share and explore interests, expertise and opinions or campaign on local issues.
  • Build awareness and help raise funds for local causes. This Is Our Village pledges to donate 10% of any profits raised to causes championed by local residents and selected by users.

Wanted: Local Writers For This Is Our Village

We are looking for local people to write regular articles or blogs for the website. With the decline of traditional local newspapers This Is Our Village has been designed to help bridge the gap by covering subjects of genuine interest to local residents and those who work in the village.

Channels include: What’s On, News and Views, Sport, Money, Home & Garden, Food and Wine, Well-being, Eating In/Eating Out, Motor, Property, Market and Directory.

By contributing to This Is Our Village writers and subject experts will be actively engaging with

the village community and boosting their profile.

If you are looking to publicise yourself, your business, sports club, association, organisation, interest group or local cause, writing for This Is Our Village will help spread the word locally, strengthen your credibility and underline your commitment to the area.


Next Step

If you would like to write regularly or occasionally for This Is Our Village, simply email one of your recent articles or blog posts to and we will get back to you promptly regarding the next step.