Cassandra Bio


Cassandra – or Carol Davies Foster – has had a varied career working as a freelance film researcher and archivist for the BBC both as a researcher and in the film library, concentrating on entertainment, historical documentaries and current affairs programmes.


Some of her TV credits include James May’s 20th Century, Outrageous Fortunes, The Money Programme, History File, The People’s Century and Timewatch. She was also part of the award winning crew who received a BAFTA for their work with Clive James including Fame, The Clive James Show and the various Review of the Year programmes.


Pursuing her love of history (hence her pen name Cassandra) and her tenacious researching skills, she swopped the high life of TV for the more down to earth but fascinating genealogy and research based area of Local Studies at Richmond Old Town Hall. If you have a question on genealogy or unearthing local history, you know who to ask!