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Meet some of the Nuffield Team!

With many experts working at Nuffield in various areas from Nutrition to Golf, why not find out a little more about them and see what tips they have to offer!

sarah hardaker

Sarah Hardaker

Sarah is the Nuffield physiotherapist and has been for just over a year now. She has been a physio for just over 8 years now, after completing her undergraduate degree in sport science. Before joining Nuffield, Sarah used to work for the NHS at Barnet & Chase hospital whilst also being the club physio for Tabard RFC in Herts. Sarah went on to complete her master’s degree, specialising in physiotherapy, and honing the skills she has today.

As well as her impressive scholastic achievements, Sarah has also excelled in the sporting field, all the way to the zenith of sporting prowess. Sarah played badminton, professionally, from 1994-2001 which culminated in her representing the GB Olympic team at the 2000 Sydney games.

You can visit Sarah from 7.30am – 7.30pm (Mon-Fri) and 8am-1pm (every other Saturday) what’s more is you don’t even need to be a member to pay her a visit, although being a member does entitle you to a free 15 minute consultation. You can visit as a self-referral or as a referral from private medical care.


Sarah has provided This is Our Village, and our readers, with some helpful hints and tips to maximise your body and mind throughout the day.

• Make sure your workspace is set out ergonomically; a clear desk leads to a clear mind which augments productivity.

• Use mirrors when you exercise, make sure you are performing exercises correctly to avoid injury.

• Ask staff for help on anything if you have doubts; if you attend classes try to sit as close to the front in order to aid concentration.

• When doing any weights exercises, try to close one eye when doing so to increase balance and make your body more aware of its importance.

For more information or to book a consultation with Sarah, visit the Nuffield health website.

Ian Goodall

Ian is part of the personal trainer team at Nuffield, in fact, when he is not looking after a guest Ian is the manager of all the personal trainers within Nuffield, there is a total of 15 at Nuffield’s diposal. Having been there for just 6 months, thus far, Ian sees it as a compelling challenge and enjoys helping others find their fitness levels as sport has always played a pivotal role in his life.

Since an early age Ian has part-taken in a host of sporting activities, he enjoys tennis, particularly, but loves keeping fit and helping others to reach similar achievements.

natalie braithwaite

Natalie Braithwaite

Natalie is Nuffield’s nutritional therapist and joined the team at the start of this year. Natalie looks after any health issues and queries that Nuffield guests may have, her expertise mean that she can tailor-make specific programme’s to benefit individual cases.

After 7 years of being a nutritional therapist Natalie has become a specialist in digestive stress and digestive issues, she is also adept in looking after the nutrition of children- putting them on the path to healthy living from a young age.

Natalie used to run her own practice for nutritional health and is regulated by the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and she was once a personal trainer for Charley Boorman of BBC’s ‘Around the World’ fame.


Natalie too gave us some helpful hints and tips for when it is best to eat, and what, before exercising.

• If exercising first thing then a protein shake 30 minutes beforehand will create maximum impact and results from your workout.

• Have some fruit, high in protein, like a banana, or some nuts or seeds alternatively try some hummus and carrots- any of these should be had 1 hour before a workout.

• If you fancy heading to the gym after your dinner, or a big meal, then you should be leaving a 2 hour gap between eating and hitting the gym.

Bill & John

Bill and John are both PGA tour professionals and run the brand-new indoor golf facility at Nuffield. The facility is at the height of progression in golfing technology. It can track data which shows you the areas that need improvement, or what you can keep doing well. The simulator can mimic weather conditions to make it seem like you are playing in all conditions as well as this it tracks the flight of the ball which means you can amend your swing.

The two PGA professionals offer supervision for all lessons and cater for all abilities whether novice or aspiring pro. Bill and John also offer parents the opportunity to get their kids involved in a new sport and want to encourage younger participants to pick up a set of clubs and get active in golf.

The golf simulation facility is open 9am-10pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-9pm (Sat & Sun)